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Growth, Engineering Productivity, and High-Performing Teams


The second release of “WITH TOBI” is out!

Together with Tobi Leonhardt, I am starting a small project to inspire. With our combined focus on high-performing teams & organizations and human-centric workplaces & cultures, we aim to have meaningful conversations around the topics on our minds daily. We also want to invite leaders to have those conversations with us.

In this format, we want to have short but meaningful conversations. We aim for 15 minutes per conversation and will keep them intentionally short, even though we could quickly expand for hours on each topic this series. We hope to spark AHA moments, trigger interesting thoughts and start conversations.

In this second release, we focus on growth and what this means for engineering productivity and high-performing teams.

Key Insights / Statements

A summary of the key insights and learnings we had:

  • Growth does not just mean headcount: growing experience, relationships and maturity.

  • Companies often grow in headcount too early. This amplifies problems. This endangers culture and effectiveness.

  • A strong and visible culture is an effective filter in the hiring process.

  • Energy for organizational improvement can be found in the tensions that people experience.

    • A tension is the experienced difference between how things are and how they could be.

    • Tensions are not problems. They can turn into problems, if ignored.

    • Organizations need to optimize for surfacing and processing those tensions in order to become adaptive and high-performing under changing circumstances.

Additional Resources

You find the Notion page, the Mural of this session, and more information about us and how we work here.

Continue the Conversation

  • What are your thoughts on this topic?

  • What do your team and your colleagues think about this topic?

We would love to hear your feedback! 💬👇

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